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Modern urban life is busy and stressful. A warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure time. But how can we make our home warm and comfortable? With just a few tips, you can easily create a pleasant home. The Living House editor has prepared a series of fashion information for you from house decoration to home decoration to help you have a relaxed and comfortable life.
Symptoms of dampness: Excessive wet weather will cause small water droplets on the surface of solid wood furniture, and the surface paint will be locally discolored, and mildew spots will grow when the dampness is severe. Due to the increased moisture content of wood, local volume expansion results in furniture deformation. And the wood connection part of the furniture will cause cracking due to the excessive change of moisture content.
The theme of Boao Forum for Asia, by three decades the power of friends from all walks of life, March 28-31 - Guangzhou Pazhou Furniture Fair, I "Guangdong classic accessible hotel Furniture Co., Ltd.
The management team of the cloth workshop in the first half of the year also adjusted to the combination of Chen Jinhao and Zheng Guoying. In just a few months, the cloth workshop gradually improved the passive situation with only a few skilled workers at the beginning of the year, which has some aspects in quality and on-site management. Promotion. In the production sprint in June, the most arduous battle was won, and the production task of the Yingkou project was completed on time.
Mastery spirit [ 2020-03-16 ]
In mid-September, when materials in the workshop were relatively free, Tongda employees consciously participated in cleaning the company's factory buildings, which made Tongda's factory buildings cleaner and brighter, and also demonstrated Tongda's spirit and culture. The spirit of initiative and self-discipline of Tongda employees reflects the quality of Tongda people, and Tongda Company will always be proud of it.
In order to ensure the safety of employees in production, strengthen the ability to train employees to respond to emergencies. Recently, the company specially invited the relevant departments of the fire brigade to our company to train fire fighting knowledge.
Leaders of the United Front Work Department of Guangdong Province and the Federation of Industry and Commerce visited and inspected
After the "Shunde District Quality Enterprise Growth Project (Longteng Plan) Implementation Plan" was promulgated, Classic Tongda actively applied for the report. With its strong strength, it passed the review of various indicators and was selected from many companies.
Operation Bright Sword [ 2020-03-16 ]
Fight for the June Battle, Bright Sword, show your potential, prove yourself, and fight for honor! Improve the quality of output, ensure the interests of employees, and fight the tough battle in June!
notice [ 2020-03-16 ]
In order to better cooperate with various departments in external communication and internal communication, and unify the company's corporate image, upon application, the company has opened personal corporate mailboxes for the following departments and individuals:
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